Guillaume Laurin

Co-founder, writer, director and actor


Since graduating from theatre school in 2013, Guillaume Laurin has alternated between jeu and creation. In the film industry, he has played roles for several filmmakers (Podz, Xavier Dolan and Philippe Lesage, among others), in addition to acting in several web series(Game(r), Fourchette) and short films(Au plaisir les ordures!, Garage de soir, Drame de fin de soirée) that have been successful abroad. With an impressive career in front of the camera, Guillaume Laurin also works in the theatrical world, playing roles in Philippe Boutin's event shows(Détruire, nous allons, Le Vin Herbé). He has written and directed several short films: Intenselefun (Festival Regard 2016), Nous n'avons bâti rien de sincère (Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2017) and Jojo (Finalist at Gala Québec cinéma 2020). In 2020, Guillaume Laurin will star in Jusqu'au déclin by Patrice Laliberté. Produced by the company Couronne Nord, which he co-founded in 2012, this is the first Quebec Netflix Original film.


Writer and director

Danny Greenwood T ugly - in post-production
Jojo (2019)
We have built nothing sincere (2017)
Intenselefun (2016)


Tout est Ori (Patrice Laliberté) - in development
Very Nice Day (Patrice Laliberté) - in post-production
The Motor Cycle (Patrice Laliberté, 2014)


Writing and directing

Grand Charisme (2017)
Fauvesworks (2016)


Whitehorse (2021)



Le plongeur (Francis Leclerc, 2022)
Respire (Onur Karaman, 2021)
Jusqu'au déclin (Patrice Laliberté, 2020)
Au plaisir les ordures! (Romain Dumont, 2020)
Genesis (Philippe Lesage, 2018)
Mad Dog Labine (Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr/Renaud Lessard, 2018)
Garage de soir (Daniel Daigle, 2017)
Drame de fin de soirée (Patrice Laliberté, 2016)
Pisser dehors (Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr, 2016)
King Dave (Podz, 2016)
Ceci n'est pas un polar (Patrick Gazé, 2014)
Mommy (Xavier Dolan, 2014)
The Motor Cycle (Patrice Laliberté, 2014)

Television and web series

Motel Paradis (Sophie Desrape, 2021)
Le boeuf haché ou le tempeh (Alec Pronovost, 2021)
Bête noire (Sophie Desrape, 2020)
Alerts (Frédérik d'Amours, 2020)
Fourchettes I, II et III (Catherine Therrien, 2019-2020-2021)
GAME(R) I and II (Patrice Laliberté, 2017-2020)


Whitehorse (Simon Lacroix, 2021)
Big Mack (Maxime Brillon, 2018)
Le Vin Herbé (Philippe Boutin, 2016)
Destroy, we will (Philippe Boutin, 2013

Photo: Kelly Jacob