Julie Groleau

Co-founder and producer


Julie Groleau has been a movie producer for the last 10 years. In 2012, she co-founds Couronne Nord, kicking off her impressive career with the production of several short films, such as Intenselefun (Guillaume Laurin) and Overpass (Patrice Laliberté, winner of the 2015 TIFF Best Canadian Short Film award). She also acts as an executive producer on short film Crème de menthe (Jean-Marc E. Roy & Philippe-David Gagné, selected at the 2017 Cannes Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight). Being also a web content creator, in 2016 she produces Game(r), a show whose first season garnered more than 2 million views on Facebook. It wasn’t long before she jumped into feature films, first as a line producer on Jean-Marc E. Roy’s documentary film Des histoires inventées, then as a producer on Kim St-Pierre’s Réservoir. In 2019, Julie Groleau adds to her already notable pedigree the production of Patrice Laliberté’s Jusqu’au déclin, the very first Québécois feature film to be financed by Netflix.



Carcajou (in development)
Ho-Ma 4 (in development)
Tout est Ori (in development)
Danny Greenwood T Laid (Guillaume Laurin) - in post-production
Very Nice Day (Patrice Laliberté) - in post-production
Opération Carcajou (Nicolas Krief, 2021)
Jusqu'au déclin (Patrice Laliberté, 2020)
Réservoir (Kim St-Pierre, 2019)
Landgraves (Jean-François Leblanc, 2020)
JOJO (Guillaume Laurin, 2019)
Late night drama (Patrice Laliberté, 2016)
Intenselefun (Guillaume Laurin, 2015)
Overpass (Patrice Laliberté, 2015)
The Motor Cycle (Patrice Laliberté, 2014)


GAME(R) I and II (Patrice Laliberté, 2017-2020)


Whitehorse (Sebastien Tessier, Guillaume Laurin, Samuel Cantin, 2021)
Being Philippe Gold (Philippe Boutin, 2017)
Destroy, we will (Philippe Boutin, 2013)

Production Manager

Chien blanc- bloc 1 (Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Go Films, 2021)
Kuessipan - bloc 2 (Myriam Verreault, Max Films Media, 117 min, 2019)
Fauve(Jérémy Comte, Achromatic Media/Midi la nuit, 20 min, 2018)
Fareed(Rudy Barichello, Item 7, 10 min, 2018)
The Catch (Holly Brace-Lajoie, Colonelle Films, 15 min, 2016)
OF Ink and blood(Alexis Fortier-Gauthier/Maxime Rheault/Francis Fortin, Jeanne-Marie Poulain, 80 min, 2015)
The Name you carry(Hervé Demers, Les Films de l'autre, 15 min, 2014)


Black Forest - Producer & Production Manager (Philippe David Gagné & Jean-Marc E. Roy, La boite à pickup, 2019 )
Imaginary tales - Line Producer & Production Manager(Jean-Marc E. Roy, La boite de pickup, 80 min. 2018)
Crème de menthe- Executive Producer (Philippe David Gagné & Jean-Marc E. Roy, La boite de pickup, 22 min. 2017)

Photo: Kelly Jacob